Friday, May 14, 2010

What are Vitamins? And, How to Find a Good Doctor

When most people hear the word “vitamin” they think of the pills sold in nutrition stores. And, they associate “vitamins” with the controversy over whether or not eating them will prevent or cure disease, whether they will improve health, or, are vitamins simply a waste of money?

Many others think vitamins are just a fad.

But the truth is that “Vitamins are nutrients in fresh food that prevent and cure disease”.

This isn't my definition of a vitamin. For a micro-nutrient found in food to be classified as a vitamin, it must prevent and cure a disease!
Put even more simply, “Vitamins are food required for life”.

The truth is that without vitamins, you will become diseased and die a slow painful death.

The vitamins were discovered one by one as scientists searched for minute quantities of mysterious substances found in fresh foods that were known to prevent and cure many different diseases.

Every historical account ever written about the discovery of vitamins is an account of disease prevention and cure. Search the word “vitamin” in Wikipedia, then scroll down to “history”. The entire section is an account of isolating compounds that prevent different diseases.

Even if you eat plenty of protein, fats, carbohydrates and water, if you stripped all the vitamins from your diet, you will die a slow agonizing death within a few short months.

Even the American Medical Association and the Center for Disease Control acknowledge that Vitamin C prevents and cures scurvy, Vitamin B3 prevents and cures pellagra, Vitamin B1 prevents and cures beriberi, Vitamin B12 prevents and cures pernicious anemia, and Vitamin D prevents and cures rickets.

Yet, despite millions of dollars spent designing new sophisticated drugs in hundreds of modern labs working day after day, the pharmaceutical industry would not dare claim that even one of its expensive patented drugs would prevent and cure any disease!

For several reasons, vitamins, the important substances in food that prevent disease are very difficult to obtain in the diet in sufficient quantities.

The first reason is that there are only very tiny amounts of vitamins even in the freshest of foods.

The second reason is that most vitamins are quickly destroyed by heat during cooking and food processing.

Another is that exposure to oxygen quickly destroys many vitamins.

Also, exposure to toxins in the environment and in food causes the destruction of vitamins within our own bodies, thereby increasing the need for vitamins in modern times above the need for vitamins decades ago.

The food industry destroys so many of the naturally occurring vitamins during food processing that were it not for laws that require the addition of the above mentioned vitamins to processed foods, a scourge of death and disease would sweep across America in a few months.

If you eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) the artificial vitamins added to food are keeping you alive.

The pharmaceutical industry controlled medical schools teach doctors that we get all the vitamins we need in the food we eat. Even though they recognize that the artificial vitamins added to processed foods are at this very moment preventing epidemics of rickets, scurvy, beriberi, pellagra and pernicious anemia, despite thousands of double blind scientific studies that show increased consumption of vitamins will prevent, delay or reduce the rates of diseases that take years to develop, they will not participate in research to determine the optimal levels of
vitamins for prevention of cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis and many other diseases.

Given the consistent and numerous successes with vitamin therapy by top notch scientists and doctors such as Dr. Linus Pauling, Dr. Ray Strand, Dr. Mercola and hundreds of others, the only possible reason pharmaceutical companies and the American Medical Association refuse to participate in research into the effectiveness of vitamins for prevention of diseases that are rampant in our society is that the purpose of these organizations is profit. They can’t make a single dime on prevention or cure of disease by vitamins because they can’t be patented. In fact, doctors and the pharmaceutical industry rely upon sickness for profit.

Since MD’s are trained in pharmaceutical industry controlled medical schools, trained to sell their expensive patented pills, most don’t have a clue about the thousands of scientific studies conducted that show the powerful disease curing and prevention capacities of vitamins and other natural nutrients.

Now that you know that Vitamins are nutrients in fresh food that prevent and cure disease”, here’s how to find a good doctor:

Print this article and show it to your doctor. If he disagrees with its content, continue presenting it to different doctors until you find one who agrees and admits to the failings of American medicine as described above.

When you find a doctor who agrees with this paper, you will have discovered one who cares enough about his patients to educate him or herself beyond the indoctrination received in western medical school. But, you remain primarily responsible for your own health. So, it’s important to continue reading books, especially those by authors who are critical of American medicine and its recommendations.

To Your Health,

Gary Springer,
Author of They're Making You Fat and Sick
Founder of Perfect Health Institute

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  1. I like your definition of Vitamins as the things you need for life. It is so true and yet so many people don't appreciate that as much. Also, all food has little to no vitamins at all. As a whole, we are not keeping up with our recommended amounts.