Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dr. Linus Pauling

The next man Doctor Watch introduces is consistently considered internationally to be the man who shares with Albert Einstein the distinction of being one of the top two scientists of the twentieth century.

You may consider yourself an informed objective thinker. But, unless you're familiar with the leading roles that Linus Pauling played in science, politics and power in the 20th century, you have not even found one of the largest pieces of the puzzle.

The sooner you're acquainted with the multifaceted work of this genius and the worlds reaction to it, the better you will understand the world.

Everyone knows about Albert Einstein. And, because of his many contributions to science, peace and medicine, everyone should also know Linus Pauling because no one else is ranked nearly as high as these two scientists in the last one hundred years.

But, this is not the case because of Pauling's work against nuclear testing and nuclear proliferation for which he was black-balled by the US government which even revoked his passport to limit his association with other scientists. Ironically, his contributions in this area for which he was awarded his second Nobel Prize may have been his largest contribution to humanity because it expedited international nuclear treaties which may have prevented nuclear war.

The next reason his name isn’t a household word is that to the dissappointment of the pharmaceutical and medical industries working the for-profit business model, he focused his cutting edge scientific genius on understanding the role natural organic compounds played in prevention and cure of disease in what he called, “orthomolecular medicine” which can not be patented. Because all of Pauling's successes would REDUCE the prized profits of conventional medicine, he has been labeled a quack by and the pharmaceutical industry lead medical community.

Linus Pauling is the fourth person we've highlighted at Doctor Watch, but, as the founder of Orthomolecular Medicine, he belongs at the top of the list.

You can enjoy a fascinating journey into the accomplishments of this most amazing man by following this link to Oregon State University's Linus Pauling Institute:

Gary Springer,
Author of They're Making You Fat and Sick
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